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تاريخ التسجيل : 13/01/2016
العمر : 18
الموقع : Maroc,Sefrou

مُساهمةموضوع: Server rules   الأربعاء 13 يناير - 18:30

Things that are not allowed:
1. Using any kind of cheat, hack or CLEO mods that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. Getting caught will result in a permanent ban, unless you can prove otherwise.
2. Bug abuse. This means any type of bug that gives you unfair advantage including C-bug and Slide bug.
3. G-Abuse. That is, remaining in a vehicle as a passenger, with no driver so that other players cannot damage you.
4. Ban Evading. If you have been banned and you think it's unfair or a misunderstanding, simply post an Unban Appeal in the required section on the forum. Ban Evading will only decrease your chances of being unbanned.
5. Death Evading. It means suiciding or quitting the game before a player kills you.
6. Asking for money or scores. If some of your stats have been lost, post it on forums and admins will check it out.
7. Advertising your own servers. Doing so will result in a ban.
8. Carparking other players to get a kill. It means ramming them and leaving your car over their body until they die.
9. Attacking teammates. Although this is not reportable, you will lose 5 health points for each hit on your teammates.
10. Score farming, that is, using illicit ways to gain score.
11. Insulting or showing provocative attitudes towards admins or players.
12. Account sharing, regardless of it being with friends or admins.
13. Usage of a clan tag without getting accepted first. If you want to create your own clan, use the /clans command for more info.
14. Shouting "Hacker" in the main chat. This will alarm the hacker. Use /report [id] [reason] instead. In case admins are not ingame, get proofs and post them on the forum instead.
15. Spamming or flooding the main chat with similar messages.
16. Extremely fast 2-2 shots for sawnoff shotguns with hacks or cleo mods.
17. Heliblade kills.
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Server rules
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